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HighPower Call Center is dedicated to providing you with the best Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services. Our staff will help you re-evaluate your business processes, streamline your operation and create a more efficient company. Through strategic use of our services, your company will become more competitive, better able to respond to the global marketplace, and improve your bottom line through cost savings.

Secure seamless customer experience while reducing operational costs.


“Creative adaptability is the key to a successful business strategy.”


Inbound & Outbound Sales/Lead Generation and Customer Service is where we THRIVE!

Tech Support

HighPower Call Center provides quality assured IT support, programming and development staffing from our near-shore center in Baja California. Technical maintenance, development, and support continue to be one of the most time consuming and cumbersome tasks of every organization. HighPower Call Center specializes in the development and implementation of leading edge solutions to meet the challenges of today’s digital age. Our technical support staff is dedicated to quickly resolving existing and new potential issues while delivering a friendly and personalized support experience. Let us connect you with best IT talent to meet all of your business needs without losing sight of the security, availability and delivery of faster and lower cost services.

Back Office

At HighPower Call Center, we help streamline your day-to-day operations with our professional back office support team. HighPower Call Center takes that burden of back office tasks out of your resource channels, providing efficient workflow, cost effective services with rapid results, and guaranteed solutions that support your operation. Our back office support includes the workload management to increase productivity, the integration with the front office with trends and analyses. Your sales team will be assisted with legal, marketing, accounting, operations support, order management and purchasing. Focus on what you do best: promoting your business and funneling leads to your sales channel. Let HPCC back office support ensure the customer retention efforts you seek.

Customer Service

HighPower Call Center understands the crucial role that your care service operation plays in maintaining and growing loyal relationships between you and your customers. We have the unique ability to scale and grow from start-up to enterprise-level solutions in a variety of different industries. Customer expectations are becoming more demanding each day. At HighPower Call Center, we provide a broad range of solutions to deliver a seamless customer experience through inbound & outbound calling, email support, chat, billing and account inquiries, order & rebate management, and several other services. As your customer service partner, we handle each and every customer interaction with the kind of quality that strengthen customer relationships and add value at every point of contact.


HighPower Call Center provides you with a near-shore approach that will allow you to establish a fully integrated contact center to expand overall sales strategies for handling call volumes, increasing sales volumes and revenue, driving key-performance-indicators and reducing operational costs. HighPower Call Center has the expertise to help you maximize marketing and selling efforts, increasing overall market share. Our training program includes knowledge on the best times for outbound campaigns to secure the best possible results, the implementation the cross-selling and up-selling initiatives on every contact, customer retention and win back campaigns. Your HPCC team will provide a seamless representation of your services, products, and company.


24 Hour Service from our Call Center in Mexico


Bilingual Services in English and in Spanish


Affordable Rates Starting Under $10 per Hour


Highly Motivated and Skilled Agents Dedicated to your Success


Flexible and Scalable Services for Rapid Growth and Special Projects


Cutting-Edge Technology, Framework, & Software to Aid in Seamless Service


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